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Welcome IMV Corporation of Japan, Visited Jianqiao for Guidance!

2021-12-06   194

On Dec 2nd, Mr. Nomura, the Chief representative of IMV Co., Ltd., visited the Jianqiao. The GM of Jianqiao, Mr. Zhu , and the sales representative, Ms. Pu, received Mr. Nomura  from Japan.


IMV is currently one of the largest vibration shaker manufacturers in the world. The company was established in Japan since 1957 and is a Japanese science and technology company. Its main business is:

● Vibration test equipment

Development, production and maintenance of electric vibration test equipment, temperature and environment compound test equipment and vibration controller software


● Test and Solution

Vibration and shock test dedicated, commissioned laboratory, measurement analysis service and other solution services


● Measuring system

Development, production and maintenance of earthquake monitoring devices, vibration measuring instruments, vibration monitoring systems and related products


IMV Co., Ltd. has factories and offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, China, Thailand, Britain, Germany, the United States, Vietnam, and France.


During the visit, the general manager Mr. Zhu introduced the Jianqiao development history, main products, production process, product advantages, industry advantages to the other party. The scale and supporting facilities of the environmental test workshop are very satisfied!

During the visit, the general manager, Mr. Zhu introduced the of Jianqiao’s development history, main products, production produce  procedures,  product advantages, and industry advantages to the other party. Mr. Nomura is very satisfied with the scale and the facilities of our vibration testing workshop and climate environment test workshop!

After that, Mr. Nomura also introduced to us the characteristics of IMV's products and the advantages of the software. The both sides express the hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation!







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