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Company found in 1996

JINLONG Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd found in Taiwan and later rename to Guangdong Jianqiao Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd. The brand is Jianqiao Instrument. Over the years development,Jianqiao focused on development, manufacture and sales of  reliable Vibration Test System, Environmental Test Equipment, Battery Test Equipment.The product quality is reliable which pass the ISO9001,IOS14001,CE certification and IEC,MIL810,UN,international standard .The products are exported to 58 countries  Europe Ireland ,UK, England ,Germany ,Spain ,Italy ,France ,Turkey,Russia ,  America USA ,Canada ,Russia , Sinapore and Malaysia ,Thailand and so on . 


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Address: Jianqiao Industrial Park, Lianqi Street, Lianhutang, Tangxia Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China