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Welcome the Russia Customer visit Jainqiao for the cooperation of Climate Chamber and vibration test system

2023-05-27   37


In recent years, with the extensive application and promotion coverage of Guangdong Jianqiao Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. in domestic and foreign markets, the good reputation of Jianqiao Instruments has also been continuously recognized by the market and highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers, which has attracted many Customers from home and abroad came to Jianqiao Enterprise to visit.


On May 12, Russian international friends came to Jianqiaos production workshop to study, participate in the inspection and talks for the cooperation .

Accompanied by our technical staff, the customer successively visited the production workshop and all aspects of the process flow. Afterwards, we introduced the production technology, process, sales and service of the vibration test system and climate chamber to foreign customers;

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After a series of understanding of our company's scale, R&D strength and product situation, the customer highly affirmed our company's excellent product quality technology and service model, and expressed on the spot the future cooperation with Jianqiao Instrument to create a better vision.


The Jianqiao people uphold the expectations of all customers at home and abroad, and provide customers with high-quality energy-saving and environmental protection products. As the pace of global economic integration is accelerating day by day, our Jianqiao instrument is also fully integrated into the international environment to seize the opportunity to develop domestic and foreign markets. The company always adheres to high quality products, satisfactory service, and reasonable price, and earnestly and constantly pays attention to product technology improvement, production, sales, service and other links to create value for customers at home and abroad!