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Environment Test Series

Product number:(JQTH-100L-1000L) Constant temperature and humidity test chamber


use:High-end SUS#304 stainless steelmaterial ,inner box and test stand heightadjustable ,user -friendly design ,longtermusedoesnotyellow /no pitting ,easy to clean125*80mm widened

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High-end SUS#304  stainless steel  material ,

inner box and test stand height adjustable ,

user -friendly design ,longterm use does not 

yellow /no pitting ,easy to clean

125*80mm widened and long  precison 

stainless steel door hings,longterm use

guarantees that the door does not sag ,

durable ,corrosion-resistant ,not rust 

Optional Finnish electronic humidity sensor 

from Finland ,Vaisala sensor represents the 

world leader in environmental and industrial



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